Class Schedule  

First Bell rings @ 8:05 am

Dismissal 3:35 pm

1st Period 8:10 am-9:19 am

2nd Period 9:18 am-10:13 am

3rd Period 10:16 am-11:11 am

4th Period 11:15 am-12-41 pm (Lunch Period)

5th Period 12:44 pm-1:39 pm

6th Period 1:42 pm-2:37 pm

7th Period 2:40 pm-3:35 pm

 If you would like to schedule a conference with your child's teacher we ask that you please make your appointment during the teacher's planning time. The planning times for each grade are as follows:

6th Grade Teachers- 2nd Period

7th Grade Teachers - 3rd Period

8th Grade Teachers - 5th Period